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Gone with the Wind

The tour stops first at the “The Road to Tara Museum”:

The Road to Tara Museum boasts items from the famous movie and book along with artifacts from the Civil War. See the progression from the real history of the Civil War's Atlanta Campaign and the 1864 Battle of Jonesboro to Margaret Mitchell's and Hollywood's Gone With the Wind.


Walking into the 1867 Historic Train Depot in Jonesboro, which houses the Road to Tara Museum, begins your journey. See an authentic "Sherman's necktie," a section of rail twisted into a loop so it became useless to the railroad, a hand-painted diorama of the two-day battle of Jonesboro

On the next stop, The Margaret Mitchell Home:  

She started writing the novel here in 1926 and finished in 1929. She made no effort to publish her book until the spring of 1935 when an executive, Harold Latham from McMillian publishing company, came to Atlanta looking for new writing talent. Latham was about to give up on Mitchell and prepared to return to NYC when fate stepped in to change the course of history.

We will stop at Atlanta’s Oakland Cemetery Margaret Mitchell's at grave-site. We will also drive by Grady Memorial Hospital where she laid in a coma for 5 days and passed away on August 16, 1949 at the age of 48.


- Sharon R. || USA

"What an enjoyable experience! Roger took me to all the Gone with the Wind sites I wanted to see and added some really neat sites along the way. He is very knowledgeable and enthusiastically shares his love of history." 

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