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Covington is proud to be known as Mystic Falls, home of the Vampire Diaries...

Filmed in Georgia (Day Trip)

Covington & Newton County GA

Covington and Newton County Georgia have become a mecca for television and filming industry. “A Camera Ready Community,” we are one of the first stops for many location scouts in the state of Georgia.


In the Heat of the Night filmed their entire series in Covington and has helped make its historic Courthouse one of the most recognized in the U.S. With over 45 movies and television programs filmed locally, Covington is also proud to be known as Mystic Falls, home of the Vampire Diaries.


The list of film credits are numerous, here are some the famous few.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid – Sleepy Hollow – The Fifth Wave – The Originals – Selma – Bessie – The Vampire Diaries – The Family That Preys – Madea’s Family Reunion – Bobby Jones: A Stroke of Genius – Sweet Home Alabama – Boycott – Flash – Consenting Adults – My Cousin Vinny – I’ll Fly Away – Jason Lives: Friday the 13th, IV.


Senioa, GA

Senioa is a town that will transport you back in time or onto the set of your favorite TV show! Visit for a day filming locations for popular movies and TV series, including Fried Green Tomatoes and The Walking Dead.


How do you pronounce Senoia? It’s Sen-oy. Don’t pronounce the “a” at the end. If it rhymes with enjoy, you’re saying it right.


In Senioa, you will literally walk on the streets used by film makers to create the Walking Dead, on a two mile walking tour in Downtown Senioa, which was the location for season (3’s) Woodbury, Terminus and Alexandria, coving locations from season (3) to the present. Other filming locations in Senioa for movies like, Driving Miss Daisy, Fried Green Tomatoes, Freejack, Pet Sematary II, Consenting Adults, The War, Gordy, Andersonville, Mama Flora’s Family, Sweet Home Alabama, Meet the Browns, Footloose, Broken Bridges, Killers, Lawless, I’ll Fly Away and Drop Dead Diva, can be seen on tour.


- Kay P. || United Kingdom

"What a wonderful, comprehensive, and informative tour Roger took us on. It was the most interesting and intimate tour we have ever been on we have been on. We saw so much more than if we'd taken a standard bus tour.:""

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